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​​​​​​Terms and Conditions 

Santisudha is not a hotel nor a resort. It is a guest house, offering accommodation to visitors travelling with family members.

Friends' and work place groups are not offered accommodation. There may be a very rare deviation from this standpoint but that is really very rare and special.


Accommodation per room is not flexible and before booking please ensure that no issues are made during check in time. Accommodation for Double Bed Room means sleeping facilities for 2 adults and one child upto the age of 8 years. Similarly, accommodation in Three  and Four Bed Rooms mean sleeping facilities for 3 adults plus 1 child upto the age of 8 years and 4 adults plus 1 child upto the age of 8 years respectively. No deviation is possible under any circumstances.

Additional sleeping facilitiy may be made by providing additional cot in certain rooms ( not in all rooms)  @ Rs. 900.00 per patron only.

Advise in advance for Driver's accommodation and it may be arranged @ Rs. 500.00 per driver only. Santisudha has limited accommodation for drivers.

A commercial vehicle is allowed inside the premises for overnight parking, only when its driver has paid accommodation in the guest house.

Check in Time: 12 o'clock, Check out Time: 11 am sharp .

No early Check in or late Check out is possible under normal circumstances. Extended stayal is chargeable @ Rs. 200.00 per hour or part thereof. 

NO. Pet of any kind. NO. Plucking of flower, vegetable and fruit. NO. Smoking inside the room and garden. NO. Consumption of narcotics of any variety.

NO. Consumption of alcohol in common place. NO. Noise and disturbance which is agonising to fellow patrons. NO. Food, bought or/ and brought from outside.

Violation of any of the above will invite strict management measures including report to local police station.


Hospitality business at places like Santiniketan are purely seasonal and we are unable to maintain staffs on shift duty. Limited no of staffs serve our patrons in such a manner that they are not over worked or stressed and existing labour laws are violated. We earnestly request our patrons to kindly cooperate with us in maintaining the service hours, stated below.

Morning tea:06.45 am.

Breakfast: 8.00 to 9.30 am

Lunch: 12.30 to 2.00 pm

Dinner: 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Dining service remains closed in between and after these hours. No room service exists now.


a) intimated 20 days or more before the date of Check in: 80 pc. b) intimated 10 days or more before the date of Check in: 60 pc. c) intimated 05 days more or before the date of Check in: 40 pc. and d) thereafter 20 pc, in case the room/s is/are sold, otherwise no refund will be made.

For any private performance by Baul or other performer/s, advance permission will have to be taken from  management and  such  programme must stop before 9.30 pm. 

No amplifier, box and sound enhancer equipment will be permitted.