Our Story

In 2008, a group of close friends visited this place with their families for a weekend getaway. The winter sun was soft and mellow and the cool breeze that blew between an azure sky above and the green meadows below swept these city-dwellers off their feet. They sang and danced on the wooden balcony of a wonderful couple Sajal and Ahana, who had been living in that wilderness for over five years by then. They were speechless. By next evening it was almost decided that these families would have their plots of land at this fascinatingly beautiful place. 

Mousumi and Ranjan Datta were among them. Their dream was to form an open community of close people, where plantation, farming, and fishing would form parts of a simple, stress-free life; where they would live in harmony with Nature. 

But it was perhaps impossible to create Sunil Ganguly’s Dikshunyopur in the real world. As days passed, it became clear it would never happen. A sad chapter of greed and jealousy was written by some trusted people wearing genteel urban masks. But the Dattas were undaunted as there were still many genuinely kind and friendly souls around.

Santisudha, as it stands today is the fruit of their toil and sweat. But it was hardly smooth sailing: they went through setbacks, threats, blackmailing, and frustration. However, love and respect, support and encouragement from many others from Santiniketan and Kolkata helped the Dattas overcome every hardle.

Mousumi and Ranjan Datta gratefully acknowledge the support and contributions of their friends and family, and also of the consultants, suppliers, masons, plumbers, electricians, other technicians, and hundreds of workers whose dedication and hard work have made this small piece of land so endearing to so many.